Case Study

2020 Transforms its Customer Experience

Revenera helps deliver modern licensing and flexible packaging


    2020 powers the imagination of interior design professionals around the world, from individuals to the biggest home improvement centers. Their design software enables the creation and visualization of a wide range of spaces including kitchens, bathrooms, closets and commercial offices



    • Modern licensing technology 
    • Build recurring revenue streams 
    • Simplify customer interaction



    • Revenera Software Monetization Platform 
    • Cleverbridge eCommerce



    • 3X increase in customer growth rate 
    • 80% electronic purchasing 
    • Elimination of USB dongles

    2020 was experiencing steady growth but they recognized there was greater opportunity if they moved to an eCommerce model and a subscription model. To get there they needed a new approach to three key aspects of their business:

    Modern licensing.

    Historically 2020 used physical USB dongles to secure access to their software. Their customers generally disliked the dongles, and with over 100,000 seats of their Professional software in use, this also caused an operational overhead for 2020.

    Monetization models.

    2020 had always licensed their software on a perpetual basis, limiting their ability to build recurring revenue streams. Following the market trend and their customer requirements, 2020 wanted to move to subscription.

    Customer interaction.

    2020 wanted to ensure ease of use at all touch points. Customers needed to be able to make purchases and receive software and licenses electronically. Monetization processes should be invisible, not disrupting the user experience.

    2020 implemented Revenera’s Software Monetization Platform, which provided them with a stable foundation for their software licensing and monetization processes. They were able to address each of their operational needs:

    Electronic Licensing.

    Much to the delight of their customers 2020 was able to replace inconvenient USB dongles with flexible electronic licensing. The new system allows customers to easily move their licenses between systems and users.

    Subscription model.

    2020 now has the ability to manage customer subscriptions and securely deliver the software updates subscription customers expect.

    Flexible Packaging.

    2020 leverage Revenera’s Monetization platform to enable flexible packaging – creating different editions by enabling/disabling features. They were able to simplify their product line to three editions.

    Customer experience.

    With the combination of 2020’s eCommerce platform – Cleverbridge – and the software monetization platform, 2020 can provide more self-service and automated processes to customers, making the purchasing and onboarding process really simple.


    Revenera’s monetization platform provides clear insights into the use of their products. They know what each customer is entitled to and how each customer is using their products. 

    Moving to a subscription model has accelerated our growth and opened up new markets for 2020. Changing to software keys and knowing we still had control of licenses allowed us to enhance our customer experience without risking revenue loss. Revenera provided the stable, secure foundation we needed to implement these improvements.



    The move to an eCommerce and subscription model has produced outstanding results for 2020, eliminating the need to offer perpetual licensing for some of their product lines. New customer growth rate has seen a 3X increase compared to their historical growth rate. The lower up-front investment offered by a subscription has attracted users in new market segments. And nearly 80% of new customers are taking advantage of electronic purchasing and software delivery. The ability to define compelling feature bundles is also paying off. Their attractively priced 2020 Design Essentials offering is drawing in new customers, and the adoption rate of their value-added additions has doubled.


    The usage data and insights generated by the Revenera Software Monetization Platform helps 2020 conduct extensive customer research on pricing and packaging. This knowledge will allow them to expand the subscription model to other product lines and geographic regions, and ensure they have the flexibility to adapt their monetization model as market conditions demand. 

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